At QRM, we have years of experience working with the world's leading pharma and life sciences organisations. We have a direct insight into pharma organisations ourselves, which gives us firsthand knowledge of the medication and device development process.


Our specialization in the insurance sector translates into an unparalleled comprehension of our client associations and position necessities. This expertise enables us to quickly perceive client/applicant matches and help our customers select the candidate that best supplements their objectives.


The QRM is a vertically coordinated cannabis-centered search and staffing firm, dedicated to enrolling the best medical and recreational cannabis and related industry candidates over Canada.


Rather than doing the search for profoundly proficient people by yourself, you can rely on the help of the top Automotive Recruitment Agency in Canada. With years of expert experience, we will employ the most skilled people for you.


The QRM has turned into the favored choice for the retail industries because of our vast experience in retail labor handling. We can serve any sort of retail industry. If you are looking to hire only the best retail experts, we can be your best decision as we are aware of everything this industry has to offer.


Our packaging candidates have displayed their quality in every field including development, period, picking up, and client service. Our team of expert packaging recruiters examines your needs and outfits you with experienced candidates as per your need.

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